TR Group - Leased to Roadex for Steel & Tube deliveries



Renault with a 9.2m flatdeck & Palfinger crane

Fulton Hogan (Rotorua) Cyclic Road Patrol Truck



TR Group Rental - 4.8m Tipper Bin fitted to a Isuzu CYZ460 chassis



Goughs CAT Service Vehicle



Goughs CAT

Service Vehicle recently completed for the Central Otago area.

Active Engineering Solutions rebrand to Active VMA



Active Engineering Solutions – one of New Zealand’s leading large vehicle and machinery re-engineering businesses – has emerged from a rebranding process with a new name, a new look, and a new focus for the future.


The Rotorua-based business will now be known as Active VMA, reflecting the evolution of the company, who specialise in vehicles, machinery and attachments. Owner, Ross Schultz, states that the new brand focus is about pulling together the three parts of the business and making it easier for customers to understand what they do.


Since 1997, Active VMA has been transforming vehicles, machinery and attachments by re-engineering OEM products to suit the demands of New Zealand customers. Their vehicles can be found in a range of industries from transport and roading, infrastructure and vegetation, through to forestry and agriculture.


According to Schultz, the company’s focus has always been about creating equipment that is ‘fit for purpose’. This focus has proven highly successful and solidified the company’s philosophy of ‘engineering a legacy’ – a bold statement and the essence of the new brand. “We know there is some confusion within the market about who we are and what we do. After working with brand experts, Woods Creative, we are looking forward to reaching customers with a clearly defined offering, delivered in a more engaging way” says Ross.


One of the key objectives of the rebrand is to educate customers that investing in quality upfront will not only deliver better outcomes immediately, but will result in substantial savings across the lifecycle of the vehicle. One of their key messages, ‘Smarter, Stronger, Longer’ is used to explain the value Active VMA strive to add and how their robust design process ensures vehicles are built to endure practically any situation.


After two decades in business, Active VMA are more passionate than ever about what the future holds and are proud to launch a brand that finally reflects their commitment to world-class engineering solutions.


Please Note: There are no changes to any of the Trading Company details




We have Moved to
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Komatsu PC400



Volvo EC140 Ship Loader for C3



Stokes ZX350






FAE Stabilizer, Model RSL-150



The latest of this model machine to be sold in NZ went to Dave Killiner of Levin.

Dave is using the machine for a variety of jobs; Road Stabilization, Dairy Lane and Paddock work.

Dave is shown here on delivery day converting a paddock in an old river bed into valuable cropping land. The other photos are of material sourced from a 'Brown Rock Quarry' being used to overlay a Dairy Lane.

FAE Model MTH-225, Stabilizer/Stone Crusher



Hamish Lawlor is pictured here with his newest and largest FAE machine in the fleet.


Hamish who, along with his father Athol and mother Lorraine, own Kelso Kontracting based in Tapanui, they now own six FAE machines.

They have three of the largest tractor mounted Stonecrushers models FAE manufacture, the STCH/SD-200. These machines have a 2.0m operating width, weigh approx 5,500 kg and can cope with stones and rocks up to 0.5m in diameter, reducing them down to an average size of 20mm if required.


Kelso Kontracting also operates 2 Stabilizers, the massive MTH-225 (MTH = multi task heavy) pictured here, which has a 2.25m operating width and can operate down to a depth of 600mm and grind through solid 'Stone' (350 mpa) and weighs in at 7200kg. The rotor is a massive 1040mm in diameter and has 256 teeth installed in an off-set spiral pattern on the rotor. They also operate a older SSH-250.


The Stone Crushers and Stabilizer machines are all operated on the back of a 300+hp Fendt tractors.


FAE machine number six owned by Kelso Kontracting is a UML/EX-150, an excavator mounted mulcher running on any of the fleets Hitachi ZX230 K's.

FAE Mulcher UMH-250, Landcorp Central NI



Landcorp's Central North Island dairy farms have all been converted from Pine Forest to Dairy Land using these large FAE Mulchers. Intitially the mulchers were mounted on Fendt 930's which had an Australian Bush Package fitted, as the Fendt's reached the end on their economic life they have been replaced by 8530 John Deere's which have been fitted with protective underguarding and a front blade, manufactured and installed by Active Engineering Solutions

FAE Stabilizer RSL-150



Ken and Tim Garton of Kaitaia Contractors have recently purchased this RSL-150 Stabilizer for the family's Northland contracting business. Ken decided to purchase the machine following a successful demonstration of surface re-establishment on a failed Dairy Lane, which a number of local farmers attended. The farmers were so impressed with the finish of the lane after stabilization they told Ken if he purchased the machine they had lanes they wanted done straight away.


Shown here the machine is re-stabilizing a section of sealed bitumen highway which had failed.


The RSL-150 has a working width of 1.5m, weighs approx 2000kgs and only requires 90 to 120 (max) hp. The cutting depth is hydraulically controlled to a depth of 150mm on the integrated skids, pulling the machine into the ground allows it to work down to approx 300mm.

FAE Tractor Mulchers



FAE Tractor Mulcher UML-225 Fixed tooth mulcher, dealing to pine seedlings at the end of their cycle.


FAE Mulchers are available to fit tractors from 70hp through to 360hp units capable of deaing with trees up to 400mm in diameter.


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